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Visa Extension

The Difference of free VoA and paying VoA during your visit or Holiday to Bali or any city in Indonesia, for some country/nation which not approved with the free VoA will be asking why Indonesian government do that, we come to your country almost like every year (mostly Australian), there’s must be some disappointment feelings for that type of procedure. But in here I will explain more details about the free VoA, indeed its free but only allowing you stay approximately 30 days(strict), some country/nation i mentioned in my previous post able to get this visa, now for VoA that pay US$ 35..( I knew what you think of…why we pay others not) as few nation/country that still pay for this visa there’s special treatment from our government…. this visa is able to be extended until 1 month counted start from your tourist visa expired since your arrival(less 1or2days) and its legal, you can ask any visa extension office and they will informed you the same… so instead of you paying overstay for $30/day…extend your visa cost you around $ 75-$80 and you can stay another month without worry about anything if you stay longer than a month in Bali. Be wise to choose your visa, due now is holiday season and ask me anything about this visa and I will answer it accordingly…… Happy Holiday

– Original passport and the return ticket that mentioned you will leave in the next 30 days of visa extension
– Filling the form that given and signature
– Come to immigration for photo & fingerprint in schedule appointed
– Paying fee $75/passport

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